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Sustainability Policy

Tembea Africa Tour and Travel understands that sustainability and responsibility are the fundamental indicators for sustainable tourism. We are dedicated to protecting the environment and reducing our negative impacts on nature. Our policy focus on the following areas;

  • We give preference to accommodations that are eco-rated and certified and ensure that they practice sustainability.
  • We minimize our energy consumption by turning off lights computers and any other equipment when not in use and also after work.
  • We recycle papers that we use in the office, making use of the blank side for notes and we only print when it is necessary.
  • We ask our customers to participate in community conservation projects.
  • We encourage our customers to be respectful of the environment and communities in the destination they visit.
  • We give priority to local guides and drivers that are well-trained and accredited in case of group tours.
  • We give priority to local products as well as environmentally responsible products.
  • We strive in reducing the amount of waste we produce in the office; we go for bulk purchases wherever possible and also purchase goods without or little package
  • Offer flexible working arrangements and ensure good working conditions for our employees.
  • Creating opportunities for students through internships and training