Amboseli or Samburu? Which Destination should I experience?

What is the difference between Amboseli and Samburu is one of the most popular question that we get from our guests? The best part is that some of our guests are more aware of Amboseli (maybe because it is the second most popular destination in Kenya after Masai Mara) but little is known about Samburu. To fully understand the difference between the two destinations, we’ll look at the following four factors; accessibility, attractions, accommodations and activities that make the two destinations unique.

1. Accessibility:

There’s no big difference between Amboseli and Samburu when it comes to accessibility since both destinations can be accessed by either road or Air transport. There are daily schedule flights from Nairobi to either Amboseli or Samburu. Amboseli is the nearest to Nairobi when compared to Samburu. It takes approximately 4 hours to drive to Amboseli while the journey to Samburu takes approximately 5 hours. The best part about driving to the two destination is that the journey is very scenic and the road is very smooth.

Scenic drive to Samburu

2. Attraction:

Lion, gazelle, baboons, cheetah and hyenas are some of the typical wildlife which can be experienced within the two destinations, however what distinguishes and make the two parks unique form each other include: concentration of elephants and amazing view of Mount Kilimanjaro that can be experienced at Amboseli while Samburu on the other hand is endowed with ‘Samburu Special Five’ which: Grevy’s Zebras, Somali Ostrich, Reticulated Giraffe, Beisa Oryx and Gerenuk.

Herds of Elephants at Amboseli
Herds of Elephants at Amboseli
herds of beisa oryx at Samburu
Herds of Beisa Oryx at Samburu

3. Accommodations:

Amboseli has numerous number of accommodations ranging from budget to high-end (Ol Tukai & Serena Amboseli) when compared to Samburu whose number of accommodation facilities is very small but located within amazing spots at the reserve.

Ol Tukai Lodge
Ol Tukai Lodge
Samburu Sopa Lodge
Samburu Sopa Lodge

4. Activities:

Wildlife viewing, Nature walks and Bird-watching are the most popular activities within the two parks but the difference between the two destination include; cultural visits; whereby guests get to experience the Maasai culture at Amboseli while at Samburu guests are treated with Samburu culture, additional guests can experience camel rides at Samburu unlike Amboseli.

Samburu Camel Ride
Samburu Camel Ride
Masai Village Visit
Masai Village at Amboseli

So between the two destination, which one do we highly recommend to our guests? The answer is both of them. In fact, the unique differences among the two destinations makes it easier for us to recommend to our guests’ itinerary.

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