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Wedding and Honeymoon don’t get much more romantic than on East Africa’s sultry Swahili coast. In both Kenya and Tanzania, there are the winding streets of Mombasa Old Town or Zanzibar Stone Town to be explored, the treasures of the emporiums to be mined and the old dhow to be explored. You can eat hot fried plantain crisps sprinkled with lime and chilli beneath the glowering pink walls of 17th century Fort Jesus. You can drink thick black Arabian coffee from tiny painted bowls, or eat charbroiled seafood fresh from the waves. There are coconut and lime cocktails to be drunk; and spicy street food to be indulged in. You can also enjoy a five-course Swahili banquet aboard a statuesque sailing dhow. Or we can help you hire your own dhow and explore the mangrove swamps and hidden beaches of liltingly lovely Indian Ocean Coast.

Additionally, we can also organize for you a romantic wildlife safari to some of the most popular destination in East Africa such as the Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Serengeti & Ngorongoro to celebrate your bush wedding & honeymoon However, there’s only one problem: you’ll find it very difficult to leave

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