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Within Mombasa Island there are a number of interesting tourists attraction from Mombasa Old Town to Bamburi Nature to fit your perfect day tour. Your journey begins in the morning by visiting the Fort Jesus which overlooks the entrance of the old Port of Mombasa and was built by Portuguese in 1593 to guard the port and their trade route to India. It has turbulent history of wars between the ruling Arab dynasties. The fort is a UNESCO and well-preserved 16th Century Portuguese military fortifications. Now a Museum, it has many archeological findings

Thereafter proceed to the Mombasa Old Town where you will walk along the narrow streets and visit the old harbor and see the old Arabic boats as well as one of the oldest mosque known as Mahindry, found near the old harbor. Head out to the nearby  Makupa market and learn about the food spices and vegetables as you meet different traders buying and selling different types of goods. Once you’re done exploring the market, you may either choose to have a taste of the local cuisine by having lunch at Old Town or any other place of choice with Mombasa being enriched with different food culture in Continental, Asian, Arabic and African Cuisine.

After lunch, proceed to Bombolulu Workshop, a nonprofit organization that empower people with disabilities to produces crafts ranging from jewelry, tailored goods, wood, casting and leather items for both domestic and worldwide markets. You’ll finish your afternoon by experiencing  the Bamburi Nature Trails; Haller park where you may feed the giraffes, see the crocodiles and hippos feedings before winding up your evening relaxing at your hotel or exploring the island nightlife.

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