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Nairobi is home to various UNESCO and other popular cultural and heritage sites. These include: Nairobi National Museum & Bomas of Kenya. The Museum for instance, is famous for its long-standing fixture on the Kenya’s cultural, natural, historical and contemporary heritage. Snake Park and Botanical Gardens are right next door, if you’re looking to interact with nature.

The Bomas of Kenya is another destination within Nairobi that offers attractive and interesting exhibits of traditional homesteads of several Kenyan communities complete with their inhabitants. These homesteads reflect the truly traditional architecture of the people of Kenya and it reflects on the culture of Kenya. At Bomas you’ll also have an opportunity to experience various performances of traditional dances and songs which are staged daily in a large circular theatre.

Moreover, Uhuru gardens is the largest memorial park in Kenya. This is where the Union Jack came down and the first Kenyan flag was raised during independence. Then there’s Carnivore Restaurant, famous for the ultimate “Beast of a Feast” dinner that combines the  the Kenyan rustic rural setting and a medieval banquet hall serving the most famous “Nyama Choma” (barbecued meat) in Kenya. Besides the hearty fare, a must-try is the house cocktail, Dawa, meaning magic potion in Swahili. Based on a famous Brazilian drink, your magic potion is served to you by a medicine man, aptly named Dr Dawa.

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