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Mombasa is the melting pot of different culture & regions that’s strongly influenced by Arabic culture as evident in city’s food & architecture. It’s history goes back some 2,000 years and is the second largest city in Kenya.

Mombasa was originally called Manbasa by Arab traders of the 11th Century and was the centre of trade primarily exporting ivory and slaves. Today this coastal island is endowed with a number of interesting cultural attractions such as the tusks on Moi Avenue commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to the town in 1952 and make a lovely backdrop for photograph. Close by is the Mombasa Old Town with its interesting architecture, art and curios. A walk through its narrow winding streets takes you back centuries.

Fort Jesus on the other hand is the island’s premier lure, built by the Portuguese in 1953 and overlooking the Indian Ocean. It was designed by an Italian architect named Jao Batisto Cairato, and has been variously occupied by the Portuguese and Onami Arabs before the Kenya Government first used it as a prison soon after independence. In 1962, the Government opened Fort Jesus as a museum after declaring it a historical monument. The museum exhibits the culture of the coastal people and archaeological and historical excavations from coast

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