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Our Maasai Village visit involves immersing our guests with the Maasai way of living through visiting their Manyattas & learning their ancient way of life. These Manyattas are made up of cow dung and clay plastered over stick frames and you’ll have an opportunity to experience the traditional music, rhythms and lyrics sang by local vocalist led by song leader (Olaranyani). At some point one song will have more than one song leader depending on the occasion with the group of singers unanimously responding.

Neck movement accompany the song lyrics which follow a typical theme of the day. The head is tilted vigorously with inward deep breath. With each song having its structure the movements remain the same but the facial expression and vigorousness vary from time to time, at some point they are very vigorous at some point low. Jumping which is a competition among the group of male singers also accompanies the singing, where and individual from the group one at a time jump his best. You will  be invited to join and try to out jump them but we bet you can be no match to their levitation act, however a try is worth more than an observation. Finally, we  advise our visitors to only take photographs of the local communities upon their request.

Only available as part of a planned safari

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