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Through culture & heritage tour, Tembea Africa aim at connecting you with the local villages in East Africa & get introduced to local way of living. Our experiences include; visitors spending their day in homes of the ethnic communities such as the Maasai pastoralist in Kenya and Tanzania as they learn their almost forgotten traditions and a way of life that is so closely linked to nature and wildlife.

We also introduce our guest to the music and dances of our local people that they’ve inherited from their ancient ancestors and If that’s not enough our guests can also explore other East African regions such as the coastal town and learn the Swahili history and language. Furthermore, we believe a visit to the coastal region offers the perfect opportunity for our travelers to either paddle between mangroves in Mombasa or visit the cultural and heritage town such as the stone town of Zanzibar as well as the Old Town and Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Kenya.

Our Favorite Culture & Heritage Experiences

Maasai Village Visits

Our Maasai Village visit involves immersing our guests with the Maasai way of living through visiting their Manyattas & learning their ancient way of life.

Mombasa Cultural Visits

Mombasa is the melting pot of different culture & regions that’s strongly influenced by Arabic culture as evident in city’s food & architecture

Nairobi Cultural Visits

Nairobi is home to various UNESCO and other popular cultural and heritage sites. These include: Nairobi National Museum & Bomas of Kenya.

Camel Derby Maralal

Maralal Camel Derby is an international cultural events that attracts large that numbers of both local and international visitors for camel racing.

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