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Cycling Safari has grown in popularity in Africa and enthusiasts can enjoy this experience in destinations such as the Hells Gate National Park in Kenya. In fact, Hells Gate is the only National  Park in Kenya where visitors can  either walk or cycle alongside Zebras and Giraffes since there are no dangerous carnivores wild animals at the park.

Additionally, Chyulu Hills is another destination in Kenya where visitors can  enjoy cycling on 100 kilometre long volcanic field. This area is thrusted between Amboseli and Tsavo and it’s among the few places in Kenya where visitors can view the tallest tower in Africa: Mount Kilimanjaro. The area is covered by green flowing hills that offer challenging mountain biking activities. It is also the largest lava in the world and visitors can experience lots of wildlife such as the rare  oryx, gazelle, zebras, giraffes and abundant antelopes as they cycle inside the park.

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