Mountaineering - Mount Kenya

Thousands of people climb Mount Kenya every year, most reach only Point Lenana (4,985 m) because to go higher requires a different level of experience. Some people make the climb in 3 days, others in 4-5 days:  it all depends on the route and the degree of altitude acclimatization required. All agree, however, that for variety of landscape, views and sheer exhilaration-it’s one of the world’s most stunning climbs.

Furthermore, E. Dutton, one of the earliest Europeans to climb Mount Kenya between 1910 and 1930 describe his sunset experience at the peak of Mount Kenya as “when the sun drops behind the peaks, the sky becomes a miracle of color…when it is all over, I have felt as though I have listened to the beautiful voice of a fine singer. There is a point in the sun’s setting which is the highest, a poignant note before the voice dies away into an enchanted silence. Everything for one moment is still; it is a stillness made the deeper by the desolate and void surroundings. For some reason, sunset in Africa always brings a momentary silence, a pause-a silence ‘when you may hear the shadows of the leaves as they fall on the ground’-and then, in less empty surroundings, there is leaves as they fall on the ground’-and then, less empty surroundings, there is the happy chorus from frogs and grasshoppers and night birds and the hyrax, and the many prowlers of the night. Sometimes you  may hear the deep note of the lion, or the bark of the leopard, or the inhuman cackle of the hyena. But here on the mountain the silence the silence is complete. When that still moment has passed, when the sun’s reflection no longer lights up the sky, perfect silence begins her reign and the peaks stand out, strongly silhouetted against the cold blue of the western sky.”

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