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Rwenzori Mountains National park was created in 1995 to protect the spectacular scenery and unique vegetation of these mountains. This legendary mist covered “Mountains of The Moon” lies on the Uganda border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and covers an area of approximately 90 kilometres north to south and 50 kilometres from east to west at their widest.

The high points of the Rwenzori Mountains consist of seven individual massifs each with a number of separate peaks which remain permanently snow and glacier covered. Margherita peak on Mount Stanley, at a height of 5109 metres, is the third highest mountain in Africa. A complex network of rivers drain the glaciers and collect the continual tropical downpours, carving deep gorges and valleys through the mountains. Annual rainfall in excess of 1500 millimetres results in luxuriant montane forest on the lower slopes, up through zones of bamboo and tree heath to the afro-alpine zone at about 3000 metres. The Rwenzoris offer treks for walkers and climbers of varying abilities. Trips are normally arranged for 6-7 days and we can help prepare your hiking experience. The best time to hike this mountain is during January and February and from June to August.

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