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Uganda is a lush and fertile country with spectacular scenery & abundant wildlife, thereby justifying its description as “The Pearl of Africa.” The country is landlocked and is bordered by Kenya to the east, Tanzania to the south, Rwanda to the north, The Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west and South Sudan to the north.

Despite its relatively small area (241 551 sq km) Uganda has some of the friendly people on earth as well as remarkably diverse landscape – the Kigezi highlands (commonly referred to as the “Switzerland of Africa”), the legendary snow-capped Rwenzori  Mountains, dense tropical forests, rolling savannah, freshwater lakes, and breathtaking waterfalls on the River Nile.

Visitors to Uganda can enjoy many outstanding attractions such as: the numerous National Parks and Wildlife Reserves which provides uncrowded viewing of the varied animal, bird and plant species; the source of the River Nile where it begins its 3000 kilometre journey to the Mediterranean Sea; the extremely rare and endangered mountain gorilla in the Muhavura Range; the spectacular Murchison Falls on the River Nile; and the famous Rwenzori Mountains which provide challenging climbing expeditions.

Why Travel to Uganda?

  • Mountain Gorilla: The dense montane forests of Muhavura & Mgahinga regions in the extreme south-west corner of Uganda support approximately half of the World’s remaining population of endangered mountain gorilla.

Uganda Visa Requirement

Any visitors seeking to enter Uganda  is subjected to a valid passport  (with an enquiry date extending 12 months beyond the date you intend to leave). Visas are necessary for all visitors; however nationals of certain countries are issued visas free-of-charge on arrival (please check prior to departure). Visas can be obtained at any Ugandan Embassy or high commision; they can also be bought on arrival at Entebbe Airport or applied online at a cost on the Uganda Immigration Department website (www.ugandaevisagov.com) for an evisa. The Single-entry visa is valid from the date of issue and Multiple-entry visa is valid for either six or twelve months of the date of issue.

Uganda Health Certification

Inoculation against yellow fever is only required if visitors are arriving from an endemic area, however, we strongly recommend our guests to have a yellow fever certificate since Uganda is considered to be a yellow fever risk area. Inoculation against Cholera is recommended as are anti-malarial medication and precaution. For short trip ensure you’ve been vaccinated against tetanus, polio, diphtheria, typhoid and hepatitis A and for longer trips of more than a month, we strongly advise you consult a specialist travel clinic.

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