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Tarangire National Park is one destination where visitors can enjoy the largest concentration of wildlife outside the Serengeti during the dry season. Day after day of cloudless skies seem to stuck all moisture from the landscape, turning the waving grasses to a platinum blonde, brittle as straw.

Tarangire river is a mere shadow of itself just a trickle of water chocked with wildlife, thirsty antelope and elephant have wandered hundred of parched kilometers to Tarangire’s permanent waters source, Herds of three hundred elephants dig in the damp earth of riverbed in search of underground springs, while wildebeest, zebra, buffalo and gazelle mingle with rare species such as eland and oryx around each shrinking lagoon.

This park huge herds of elephant rival the parts gigantic, squat baobab trees as its most celebrated feature-ancient matriarchs, feisty young bulls and ti, stumbling calves are ever present to fascinate visitors.

This park is best visited from June to October which is the dry season

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