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Ol Pejeta Conservancy is the home to two of only five northern white rhino left in the world and guests have a once in a lifetime opportunity to come face to face with the two animals and hear their amazing story. This conservancy connects to larger Laikipia/Samburu through wildlife corridors that enable wildlife except rhinos to freely move in and out of the conservancy.

Half of the Boran cattle population in South Africa is of Ol Pejeta origin and it holds the highest number of predators per acres. Some of the popular experiences at the conservancy include: a night game drive which offers guests and opportunity to discover the conservancy  “after hours” with the help of a spot light, the drive can produce some unusual sightings of nocturnal animal available daily. Lion tracking is another unique experience at the conservancy whereby guests have the opportunity to learn of the conservancy  ecological monitoring department. Guests are usually advice to remain in the vehicle at all time during this experience. Finally walking safari is another experience that can be enjoyed at Ol pejeta whereby armed rangers are available to escort those guests who intend to alight from vehicles in undesignated areas, either for wildlife viewing,  picnics, sundowners or special research film requests

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