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Kenya or Tanzania? Which Country should I experience?

Nothing beats Kenya and Tanzania when it comes to authentic game safari. In fact, the two countries are the world’s most popular safari destination that should be on every travelers’ bucket list. They have lots of similarity when it comes to travel experiences, but there are also a number of unique activities that distinguish the […]

Amboseli or Samburu? Which Destination should I experience?

What is the difference between Amboseli and Samburu is one of the most popular question that we get from our guests? The best part is that some of our guests are more aware of Amboseli (maybe because it is the second most popular destination in Kenya after Masai Mara) but little is known about Samburu. […]

Must-Have Experiences in Africa After the Coronavirus?

How would you like to celebrate your second opportunity in life when we overcome or adopt to Coronavirus? I think the best answer should be traveling and exploring places that you’ve ever wished to visit. In fact, if there’s one lesson that i believe we’ve all learned from the outbreak of COVID-19 within our nations […]

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Travel Update

The world has literally gone into quarantine and the situation is unprecedented. Never before has our industry, nor the world, faced a crisis of this scale from a global health, social and economic standpoint. On 22nd March, the Kenya government directed the suspension of all passenger flights into the country effective today, 25th March 2020. This […]